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Australian Passenger B737NG Stairs used to replace stock GSX Pro (Ground Services X) staircase for the Oceania region. These stairs have been handcrafted to perfection, providing highly accurate modelling and texturing to output realistic results. Used in the Oceania region of the world, easy to use after installation as heavy integration has been utilized to make use of the addon simple for customers. Installation is simple, drag and drop the folder inside the .zip into community folder and stairs are installed!


  • High quality 4k textures to replicate realistic materials
  • Only product available to represent Australian B737NG GSE Staircase for GSX
  • Realistic use with E-Jet in Australia (B737NG Front Stairs)
  • All GSX provided airport handlers work with stairs for maximum customer preference
  • Full GSX integration with 3D passengers to walk up/down staircase
  • LOD setup for excellent performance

You must own GSX Pro (Ground Services X) for Microsoft Flight Simulator to use this product. GSX Pro Version must be at least version 2.9.3.
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We ask that any bugs with the product are reported via the contact us form or email.

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  • Reduced directory name size to prevent “Destination Path Too Long”


    • Updated the B737NG front stairs sim.cfg to work with E-Jet series (Values were missing in config on the v1.0.2 update)
    • Updated the package name and data to reflect upcoming customer announcement – Content thumbnail not updated – New photo to be introduced on next version